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Effective Computer Solutions

SAC is supported by a team with more than 20 years  of experience in collection technology and an important customer installed base in different industry sectors.

Leadership Team
Dairo Puentes Aros, CEO | Tel: 57 310 763 4413

Rocio A. Osorio, Project Manager |

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Systems engineer and Business administrator expert in implementation of collection and call center management systems. Throughout his career, Dairo has implemented innovative solutions for collections in companies in multiple economic sectors such as financial, banks, telecommunications companies, utilities, media, and companies in the real sector, which has allowed him to optimize the management of collection processes achieving significant reductions in operating costs and large increases in portfolio recovery rates, from the preventive stage to judicial collection.

Specialist in Project Management.

Adriana intends to innovate in the company's project area, providing managerial skills that allow generating successful projects for the implementation of SAC collection software nationally and internationally. Adriana has successfully managed and completed projects for the implementation of SAC collection software in companies in the health, financial, and banking sectors in Colombia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Panama.

John J. Martinez, Operations Manager | Tel: 57 318 619 8815

Gustavo Guzmán, Senior Functional Leader | Tel: 57 318 619 8814

Passionate about technology, software development, artificial intelligence, and in general for all human development based on science and technology.


John is a cordial, friendly, courteous person. His main goal is to support all team members to smooth rough edges and fit in perfectly to achieve the success of our objectives. Get, Deliver, and provide the necessary tools and solutions to help the team achieve the planned goals.

Gustavo has more than 8 years of experience in design, implementation, project management, support, and customer service. Expert in all stages of debt collection including preventive, administrative, pre-legal, and legal collection. Gustavo is a skilled leader and strong team player, dynamic, creative, and flexible with a great capacity to perform tasks under pressure, highly committed, responsible and honest, with excellent interpersonal relationships, adaptable to change and continuous learning, and persistent in the fulfillment of objectives.

Nicolás Arias, Senior Development Leader | Tel: 57 318 619 8816

Harold Vargas Serna, Project Leader |

Nicolás aims to innovate and improve technology processes through software solutions for the digital world. He is good at establishing relationships thanks to his good communication, problem-solving and learning skills in IT. He adapts easily to technological changes and aims to be at the forefront of tools and technologies used in software development and design.

Engineer, information systems, and technologies specialist, with wide experience in portfolio and customer experience.

Harold is committed to meeting ECS corporate objectives to keep customers 100% satisfied by making SAC the best debt collection software for then.

Astrid Torres, Senior Quality and Safety Leader |

Solángel Rico, Digital Marketing Director |

Astrid is a Systems Engineer Bachelor from Colombia ́s Pilot University, Senior Management Specialist, and certified as an Internal Auditor in Quality Management Systems ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CMMI DEV 1.3, CMMI,  SVC1.3, trained to help detect and propose alternative solutions to problems of the organization. She has skills to analyze diagnose, evaluate, audit, and maintain computer systems and processes, with an aptitude for commitment, and legal and professional ethical responsibility.

Solángel is the strategic ally of companies that want to optimize their debt collection using SAC.


 A specialist in strategic marketing, she has helped multiple companies in the economic, financial, banking, telecommunications, and services sectors with the implementation of innovative solutions for debt collection that have allowed them to optimize the management of their collection.

We are the result of the strength of team work.
We love that we do


Myriam Fajardo

Administrative Director


Jorge L. Goyeneche

Senior Developer Engineer


María Luisa Mora

Marketing andSales Coordinator


Roberto Bustamante

ECS Perú Manager


Juan D. Osorio

Senior Developer Engineer


Luis E. Osorio

Projects asistant


Juan Camilo Lopez

Senior Developer Engineer

Ricardo Laverde



Juan D. Patiño

Ingeniero de Desarrollo y Soporte Junior


Daniela Espitia

Senior Developer Engineer


+57 310 763 4413

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